Integrated interior design & drafting services.



As you learned on Our Approach page the cornerstones of a Highmark home include integrated design & drafting services from start to finish. Experience has taught us not to outsource this mission critical service.


Design and Drafting

Kristen Schammel
Callie Brandon
Christina Schumacher
Morgan Morrill
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Kristen, Callie, Christina and Morgan, seasoned and highly educated interior designers, will prove to be your greatest assets. Whether you are building or remodeling a home, you’ll appreciate the team’s ability to quickly grasp the look you desire. We’ll help you choose the finishes and details that will bring all the pieces of your project together into a breathtaking whole.



Looking for fresh ideas to improve your home’s style? You may not need to build or remodel. Our design team is available for consultation! We can view your home imaginably and provide valuable insights and recommendations as to furniture, fixtures, layout, lighting, paint color selection and more.

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