The cornerstones of a Highmark home.


We’re thankful to have the opportunity to share our passion for home building with you. Our mission is to elevate not only your home but your vision. From the ground up. The Highmark approach is customer-centric. Your team will be focused on thorough communication.



A key differentiator for Highmark is our full-time design & drafting staff. Our construction experience runs deep and with that we’ve learned the importance of having design & drafting staff integrated from start to finish. Highmark was one of Minnesota’s first custom homebuilders to create this department. Our competitors outsource.

We’ve even gone beyond design & drafting to provide you a single source for your furniture, fixtures, layouts, soft goods and accessories for your new home: Highmark Home Furnishings


Here’s the Highmark Difference for you:

Your in-house interior design & drafting staff will:

  • Simplify your design & build process
  • Blend your home with its environment
  • Guide you to create grand entrances, open spaces & uniquely crafted built-ins
  • Integrate transitional spaces & other touches that make family life easier
  • Streamline the project, making effective use of your time
  • Communicate quickly & effectively with your project crew
  • Minimize supplier & selection delays
  • Create a personal connection with your family
  • Make building all the more enjoyable
  • Perhaps most importantly, save your money

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It starts with listening. The core of the design process comes from your ideas and dreams. We consider your property and surrounding environs, your budget and design preferences and the architect. We help you decipher priorities, define specific project goals and develop the design collaboratively. We can provide virtually unlimited inspiration for your interior design and product material selections.



This is a big decision. It comes down to approach, capabilities, experience and your comfort.
You’ve got to trust the folks you decide to work with. Anyone can swing a hammer. But ask yourself:

  • Will design & build be integrated?
  • Can the builder of my home connect with & understand the needs of my family?
  • Can I communicate effectively & efficiently with this team?

We are confident we measure up and we want to earn your family’s trust. This is how Highmark builds. Different.